CueMate FAQ

Can I order the Cue Mate to match my pool table?

Yes you can. We offer the Cue Mate in 12 different wood finishes. Click link to view.

Can I order the Cue Mate in a finish other than what is offered on the site?

Yes. This will be considered a custom order. Please submit your request to info@thepoolmate.com

What is the Cue Mate Classic made of?

The Cue Mate Classic is made from various species of solid wood.

Does the Cue Mate fit all Cues?

The Cue Mate is designed to store most, if not all, standard size Cues.

Since the product is made of wood, will it scratch my floors as it moves around?

If your flooring is of a hard surface we recommend you place the felt adhesive pads provided in the packaging to the undersurface of your Cue Mates.

Why is pricing different for some of the Cue Mates?

The pricing for each Cue Mate may differ based on the species of wood. Our Premium line made of Maple and Oak are all priced the same. The Elite, Exotic and Designer categories will vary in price.

How much does a Cue Mate weigh?

One individual Cue Mate weighs about 4 lbs. (Weight may fluctuate depending on the species of wood).

Will the butt of my cue become scratched or scuffed when inserted and removed from the center of the Cue Mate?

The answer to that question is NO. We realize your Cue is a very intricate part of your game and one of your most valuable investments. We have taken all of this into consideration and have engineered a custom silicone rubber insert that will not scratch, mark or scuff the butt of any Cue.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, but the rates may vary.